Helping you heal from the deep wounds of your present and past relationships.

My desire is to help you heal, let go of unwanted emotions from your past relationship that have kept you stuck, and help you gain the clarity and peace of mind you desire.

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I can help you if

I’m Thinking of Breaking Up

Let’s face it—you’ve been battling ending things for a while now. This is an important time to seek guidance to find out what’s really going on inside of you that needs your attention. It’s a lot more than just a pros-and-cons list.

I am Experiencing Waves of Strong Emotions from My Heartbreak

The first days/weeks and even months after the breakup are some of the hardest, which is why getting the support you deserve should be a top priority.

I'm Ready to Rediscover Myself

You’ve been going through your breakup for a while, and now you’re ready to work with a coach one-on-one to discover & clear old relationship patterns, get into alignment with yourself and learn how to manifest your dream partner.


Dr. Vivian `

Who am I?

My name is Vivian the founder of V.I.B.E_With_Viv Relationship Coaching and the Achieve Emotional Healing Program.
I am a practicing doctor specializing in mental health and I am a motivational speaker who has spoken at Metropolitan State University and has been featured on Smart Girl Podcast, F.N.C.A, Tou B-Told, and Voices of Black Folk Podcast. The work I do goes deeper than me being seen or heard.
My desire is to help you heal, let go of unwanted emotions that has kept you stuck, and help you gain the clarity and peace of mind you desire.

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Our Happy Clients!

“I had a lot of hurt and pain in my heart and unaddressed issues when it comes to dating, self worth, and family life. I was able to face these issues and embrace each experience I have had as well figure out how to not repeat mistakes again.”



I am learning to pay attention to my feelings and my spirit and not to second guess myself or my emotions. I was questioning myself instead of questioning how the other person drained me and did not value me in their life…. Thank You Vivian :)



It’s therapeutic and life-changing. I felt encouraged and empowered with every weekly activity I completed. There was guidance but I strongly felt like I was taking control of my life because I truly felt like I was doing something for myself”



Your transformation starts with you! If you are ready to heal from the emotional wounds of your past, click the button below to begin your healing.

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Create Your Own Closure

  Waiting for closure from an Ex will leave you stuck and in the same unhappy place. Rather, create your own closure. By creating your

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