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Rediscover Yourself after a


More about the course

No one goes into a relationship expecting it to end, but a series of events have led to the end of your relationship and now you feel lost. You feel lost about your purpose, your identity, the things you enjoy, and the things that make you unique. In your past relationship you may have invested so much of yourself in the relationship that led to you not prioritizing yourself. Now with this relationship gone you desire to rediscover yourself outside of a relationship. If this is you, I want to invite you to this course. It will help you gain clarity about your identity and your desires and it will help you gain the confidence to live the life that you desire.

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This Course is for you if:

  • You are ready to rediscover who you are outside of a relationship
  • You are tired of having your walls prevent you from moving forward in your life
  • You are ready to be your authentic yourself
  • You are ready to let go of the insecurities from your past relationship that has left you closed off

This course will help you

  1. Rediscover your why
  2. Let go of the insecurities holding you back 
  3. Rediscover who you are outside of a relationship 

So if you’re ready to rediscover yourself,  enroll in the course now

What's Included in the Course


Detailed Video Series

A step by step video series walking you through exactly what you need to do in-order to rediscover yourself and get out of the pain you are currently facing.


Rediscovery E-Book

The workbook will provide you with guided prompts to help you explore, expresses, and process your thoughts.


Access to Private Group of Like Minded People

Access to a private group of like minded people who are also on their journey to rediscover themselves. The group is there to help each other get out the that phase and start to live the life you desire. 

Free Course

Jumpstart Kit to Healing